Dealing With Difficult People

In God's sovereign plan for our lives, we will encounter difficult people.  Check out these practical ways of loving them in this segment.

Power Tools for Living: Gratitude

A thankful heart honors God, and relishes His blessings.  Learn more about the difference gratitude makes in this segment.

Making a Change Part 1

As we walk with Christ, He gives us the strength to grow and change.  Learn several practical change steps in this segment.

Making a Change Part 2

The process of sanctification is a life-long process of confession, repentance, and change. More practical tips for change through the power of the Holy Spirit are discussed in this segment.

Overcoming Anxiety

Each of us will encounter stress in the technologically-driven, fast-paced society we live in.  God's Word provides powerful, practical antidotes to anxiety that are shared in this segment. 

Power Tools for Living:  Joy

Joy is a deeper emotion than happiness--one that has been paid for by the blood of Jesus Christ and is available to all His followers.  Hear more about how to choose joy in this segment.

Power Tools for Living:  Humility

Jesus is the perfect model for the strength that comes through servant leadership and absolute humility.  This segment explores the role of humility in a believer's life and offers tips to nurture it.

How To Find Meaning in Life

The Christian life is one of both passion and purpose.  Finding God's purpose and trusting Him for the plan are discussed in this segment.

Forgiveness Christ's 


Jesus calls His followers to forgive, but it is difficult to do.  Practical tools to power the forgiveness process are shared in this segment.


Sharing God's Perspectives with Struggling Teens

Teenagers struggle with issues of identity in this world of technology and comparison.  They also battle discouragement and anxiety.  This podcast helps educators and parents speak wisely into their lives.


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